How To Maintain Your Ginger Bug Soda Starter

Ginger Bug Maintenance Instructions:

Maintenance Snapshot:

Time Needed: 1 minute


Fresh Grated Ginger
Raw Sugar
Chlorine-Free Water


Glass Jar w/ Cloth Cover

What if I can't feed my Ginger Bug everyday?

A Ginger Bug can be stored in the refrigerator for short periods.

If you will be traveling or simply cannot feed your Ginger Bug daily at room temperature, you can store your culture in the refrigerator and feed it weekly.

ONLY store your Ginger Bug in the refrigerator if you absolutely cannot feed your Ginger Bug at room temperature each day. Only a very active, strong, bubbly Ginger Bug can be successfully stored in the refrigerator.

Here's how to keep your Ginger Bug in the fridge:

  • Feed your Ginger Bug right before refrigeration.
  • Pour your Ginger Bug culture into an airtight glass container. Seal & place in the refrigerator.
  • The cool temperatures will slow down fermentation and create a semi-dormant Ginger Bug.
  • Ideally, feed your Ginger Bug culture once per week while stored at refrigerator temperatures.

Once you are able to feed your Ginger Bug daily again, here's how to "wake up" your dormant Ginger Bug.

  • Remove your Ginger Bug from the fridge and place it back at room temperature.
  • Switch from the airtight lid back to the muslin cloth cover.
  • Feed your Ginger Bug.
  • Continue feeding your Ginger Bug for several days until bubbles begin to form.
  • Once bubbly, your Ginger Bug will be ready to make soda again.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When you place your Ginger Bug culture into the refrigerator, the cooler temperatures will dramatically slow down the fermentation process.

Slow fermentation = less bubbles.

It will take several days of feeding your Ginger Bug at room temperature before you will see bubbles again.