Bug Food – Organic Raw Sugar


The best sugar for Ginger Bugs. Raw organic sucanat sugar contains just the right amount of molasses to create a super active Ginger Bug culture. 

  • Includes: 2lbs organic raw Sucanat sugar

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Raw Sucanat is a dehydrated whole cane sugar that has not been separated or overly processed. Sucanat sugar is made by juicing freshly-cut sugar canes and slowing reducing that juice over low heat until it becomes a thick syrup. Then, the syrup is hand-paddled to create the porous Sucanat granules.

The molasses naturally found in the sugar is not removed, giving Sucanat a brown color and a strong, distinctive flavor.

The small amount of molasses in Sucanat sugar supports and speeds up the fermentation process. This is why it is the ideal sugar for creating a highly active, happy, strong Ginger Bug culture. 

2lbs of raw, organic Sucanat cane sugar. 

Organic dehydrated cane juice.

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Kosher

Feed your Ginger Bug culture 1 TBSP of raw organic sucanat sugar every day. 


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